The garage door is the largest moving part in your home; you’ll want  peace of mind to be sure its opener operates worry free for years to come. Whether you are installing a new garage door opener or need your current system serviced or repaired, you can count on Clegg Brothers to get your opener running smoothly. We keep a large selection of parts and accessories on hand in our Orange County, NY office to ensure that we have all we need to finish the job. All residential door openers sold by Clegg Brothers are UL 325-2010 compliant. As of August 29, 2010, all doors with UL label must be equipped with continuously monitored safety devices that will reverse the door if a person or object crosses the path of the door.

Types of Residential Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster 87504W
Belt Drive Opener
Wi-Fi enabled w/ battery back up, camera & 360 degree LED light

LiftMaster 84501W
Belt Drive Opener
Wifi enabled w/ front and back LED lights

LiftMaster 8365W
Chain Drive Opener
Wifi enabled

There are three basic types of openers for residential garage doors; the Belt Drive, the Chain Drive, and the Jack Shaft. Our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to assist you in choosing the type that is right for you. All are available with features such as:

    • automatic reverse
    • battery back-up
    • keyless entry
    • auto locking system
    • 200 watts of lighting

The Belt Drive garage door opener is the perfect fit if you have a living space either above or next to your garage. This opener’s smooth belt drive system is ultra-quiet.

The Chain Drive garage door opener is built to last. The dependable opener is equipped with a heavy duty motor that is rugged enough to lift even the heaviest of doors.

The Residential Jack Shaft garage door opener was designed for garages with unique settings that do not suit a traditional garage door opener, such as a garage with cathedral sloped ceilings, obstructed ceilings or when you just want to free up some ceiling space. It mounts on the wall to the side of the door and attaches to the garage door torsion bar.